Saturday, February 18, 2012

P.A.T. takes D.M.T.

P.A.T. means Profound Absolute Truth..... Something we spend our entire lives struggling with and searching for, OR something we try and block out and ignore by any means.
From an early age we are immersed into false indoctrines and intereptations and manipulations of what THIS life experience is capable of.... I strongly doubt that the eternal existence is much concerned with most of the superficial situations we manage to become addicted to. The people, the chemicals, the food, the habits.... what is it all producing?????? EVOLVE and ENLIGHTEN !!!!!! Thats the truth of the day!!! brought to you by the aliens that control the universe!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Blogging begins

Im writing raps today.. feeling the transition from 25 to 26, crazy times and im currently reflecting on life and everything thats happened so far.... the music..... thats what keeps me going... i would much rather have a conversation about music theory and intervals than about marketing and online strategy ... what a world we are living .... if video killed the radio star .... the internet killed the genuine artist ... but I WILL PERSEVERE !!!! and im so thankful for meeting new people that are just as fed up with the pop fakeness as me !! lets get into some music with a message!! and groove with it! keep following my BLOGS... they will be getting better with time! I PROMISE!!  PEACE abd GOOD VIBES from P.A.T. !! find YOUR truth TODAY!!